Dr Esmaeili takes great personal interest in his work, he believes in developing close relationships with clients, building trust and providing reassurance. He works with men and women of all ages from 18 years and over and his passion for integrity, transparency and compliance with the highest safety standards, enables each patient to be well informed and assured in their decision about a chosen treatment.

During his 15 years at the royal free hospital, one of the largest reconstructive and plastic surgery centres in the country Dr Asmaeili has worked alongside some of Europe’s leading surgeons. In early 2016, following extensive training and in recognition of his expertise and achievements, Dr Ali Asmaeili received his board certification and entered the GMC specialist register.

Dr Esmaeili is a respected and renowned teacher, becoming a UCL Lecturer in 2014. His passion for human anatomy since 1996 after his dissection course has not stopped him studying human anatomy. He created a anatomy based lecture in the MSC Course, which is the most popular lecture within the surgical students. Recently, he introduced drawing, sculpturing and tailoring into the course in order to trains the students the aesthetic and artful aspect of human face, anatomy.

He has a thirst for learning and a steadfast dedication to his profession enabling him to share his extensive specialist knowledge in plastics, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery with others in the medical field.

“i believe wholeheartedly that reconstructive and plastic surgery can significantly improve quality of life for my patients. I am committed to excellence and work with integrity at all times ensuring my patients have the best possible experience.”



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