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Opening Hours:

Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat: 9am-2pm

0% Interest Free Credit Available

Teeth Straightening & Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment is used to improve the appearance, position and function of crooked or abnormally arranged teeth. Orthodontic treatment can straighten the teeth and move them into a better position. Many people have crowded or crooked teeth or their teeth do not meet correctly when they bite. These problems can mean the teeth are more likely to become damaged or put a strain on jaw muscles.

We offer a number of various orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign Teeth Aligners

Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible aligners that are custom-made to your teeth for comfort. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move gradually towards the final projected position as prescribed by our orthodontist.

Unlike fixed braces, you can remove the aligners and put them back in again at any time – so you end up with the straight new smile that transforms your life.

Invisalign teeth aligners are not just more discrete than metal braces. They’re also more comfortable, more hygienic and less disruptive

Conventional Braces

Conventional braces are the type of braces that we are all generally familiar with which are the metal braces.

Your treatment can last up to two years, depending upon the amount of movement necessary. Once your treatment is completed you will need to wear a clear night-time retainer for at least a year which holds the teeth in their new position until they settle permanently into their new position.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Clear Braces
You can opt for clear braces, with tooth coloured brackets made of ceramic rather than metal.

Lingual braces
Lingual braces are a discreet way to straighten teeth. Lingual braces are places on the inside of the teeth, so they are concealed from view. Usually the concealed braces are conventional metal braces.

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